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EMW is an exceptional place to work and learn. With its dynamic and inclusive culture, EMW has created an environment that fosters growth and professional development. As an IT helpdesk apprentice, I have been fortunate to receive guidance from experienced colleagues, allowing me to enhance my skills and knowledge in the field. EMW’s commitment to its employees and clients alike has made it feel like more than just a workplace – it truly feels like a supportive family. I am proud to be a part of EMW’s journey and look forward to contributing to its continued success.

Hasan, IT Helpdesk Apprentice

I started EMW as an IT Helpdesk Apprentice and have progressed to an IT Helpdesk Engineer. My favourite thing about EMW is the amalgamation of work ethic, positive vibes, and flexible approach to the way we work. Everyone can make a positive impact.

Sirat, IT Helpdesk Engineer