Whatever your business age or size, we work proactively with you to develop the best strategies for you to deal with the often complex issues that arise from employment law.

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We provide the full range of employment services to clients that range from start ups to multinational household names. Our breadth of experience enables us to build teams at the right level to meet your needs.  Our proactive approach allows you to focus on your day to day business in the knowledge that your employment challenges are being expertly handled.


From experience, we know getting the basics right at the outset is vital to avoid the wasted time and cost of potential conflict that having clear contracts, policies and procedures help to avoid.  We draft tailored terms and conditions which are right for your business and advise, guide and assist you on the correct application of those policies.

It is increasingly important to ensure that your staff, your managers and key personnel in particular, are trained and knowledgeable in the regulations, procedures and policies associated with employment law and that your employees feel positively about their working environment and are engaged with your business.

When faced with the reality of an employment tribunal claim you need focussed, effective and commercially sound advice and guidance from people who understand you, your business and the law. Our experienced team of employment lawyers take the time to do this, so that if you are faced with the prospect of a claim you know that we are best placed to help and that you are in safe hands.

We offer a clear fee structure as we appreciate that the cost and efforts needed to address such claims are an unwelcome burden. We aim to ease that burden from the outset so there are no nasty surprises when the time comes to pay your bill.

As a business your employees are likely to be your biggest asset, but occasionally they can be your biggest challenges!

Our Employment Safety Net will allow you to deal quickly and effectively with work place issues with minimum fuss and cost.

Employment Safety Net provides:

  • Advice – as and when you need it from experienced employment lawyers
  • Contracts, Policies and Procedures – and audit and advice on all key policies and procedures in place in your business and notification of when they need to be updated
  • Information – Newsflashes when urgent action is required
  • Training – Free quarterly training based on your needs
  • The ability to leave you free to get on with running your business
  • Contracts, Policies and Procedures – and audit and advice on all key policies and procedures in place in your business and notification of when they need to be updated
  • Information – Newsflashes when urgent action is required
  • Training – Free quarterly training based on your needs
  • The ability to leave you free to get on with running your business

For more information on Employment Safety Net contact Jon Taylor. 

To find out more about how we work with businesses, directors, partners or employees in relation to mediation in the workplace, visit Mediation

Seeking the right advice at the right time is the best way to minimise the risk of claims. We are on hand to provide you with advice, strategies and solutions to the obstacles you face with employment whenever you might need it.

We provide proactive and pragmatic help to find the most commercially viable solution to your employment challenges whilst reducing the risk of claims.

We will help you to achieve your commercial goals by the best and safest route.

Whatever restructure you are going through, whether redundancy or TUPE process, your business will be changing. In order to achieve the new structure you need, our specialist team provide you with the right level of support throughout any consultation process whether with employees or unions.

The number of employee grievances continues to grow, disciplinary investigations and hearings and appeals have to be heard accumulate. Getting any of these processes wrong can be very costly and unnecessary delays, on your part, in scheduling hearings are frowned upon by tribunals.

As a team we work with many businesses taking away the distraction of internal procedures from their managers and ensure an objective and legally sound outcome which will help to protect your business by stepping in to manage these processes for you.

Many employers incorporate social media throughout their business strategy, whether in marketing their business or whilst recruiting the right new talent. With no specific regulation of the use of social media by employees or employers in our national laws, the opportunity is there for you to tailor your policies on social media to fit your business with well thought out policies which are adapted to your needs whilst consistent with general employment, data protection and privacy laws. However, without clear and consistent policies in place resolving issues and disputes with employees regarding their use of social media can pose complex challenges which our specialist employment team are becoming increasingly accustomed to facing.

Whether you believe that prevention is better than cure, or whether you are faced with an issue linked to an employee’s social media usage, you can be confident that we will present a strategy that is proactive, pragmatic and meets your goals.

Our appropriately accredited team have a wealth of experience providing mediation training for directors, managers and HR specialists. All our training courses are designed to give delegates the confidence to deal promptly and effectively with difficult issues. The team are able to deliver pre-designed mediation courses or as appropriate design and deliver bespoke individually tailored courses.


Thank you so much for doing this so quickly Claudia. As I mentioned as we left, this was quite a daunting proposition, never having dealt with anything legal or having to engage a Solicitor before! You were quite lovely and made the whole process completely painless – I’m really grateful for your time and expertise.

Ian Mabbutt, Principal

Over the last few years EMW has grown in both size and into new areas. What has remained constant is the great culture and core values of the business. The Firm continues to encourage and support individual development. If you have the ambition to succeed then we will give you the support and tools to make it happen.

Ian Mabbutt, Principal

When it comes to the sale of a founder’s business it is important to remember that the founder and the business need separate legal representation. Of course, prior to the deal, the founder will not perceive the importance of this aspect since the business has always been theirs. EMW looked after my personal interests extremely well and scrutinised the contracts with exceptional attention to detail, leading to a more solid and safe agreement for both sides.

Nick Brown, Nikwax

EMW’s assistance in this important strategic transaction for us has been superb.

Rachel Nutt, MHA Maclntyre Hudson

The team at EMW did a fantastic job for us from start to finish, including initial discussions, reviewing options, engaging with all parties involved in the deal, preparing and explaining the thorough legal documentation and addressing any risks or concerns. This was all done within the expected timescales and to the satisfaction of the entire MBO team which has given us a great platform from which to continue the sustainable growth of Darke & Taylor as an owner managed business.

Simon Newton, Darke & Taylor

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