New guidance for employers on menopause in the workplace

by Andra Stanton

27 February 2024

On 22 February 2024, the Equality and Human Rights Commission published guidance for employers on menopause in the workplace, which aims to help employers understand their legal obligations when supporting workers experiencing menopausal symptoms.

The guidance includes three very helpful videos (which can be accessed by clicking on the below link). The first explains how a worker experiencing menopause symptoms may be protected under the discrimination legislation; the second sets out examples of adjustments to support workers; and the third provides guidance on having conversations about menopause.

When it comes to workplace adjustments, the second video suggests: changes to the physical work environment (e.g. room temperature and ventilation); promoting flexibility (e.g. working from home arrangements); and recording menopause-related absence separately from other absence due to the discrimination risks of taking disciplinary action for such absence.

When it comes to conversations about menopause, the third video suggests: open discussions involving everyone in the workforce, training, lunch and learn sessions, staff networks, regular reminders of the support available to workers, confidential meetings with managers to discuss any issues and, last but not least, introducing a menopause policy. The video advocates that a combination of the above will encourage an open culture where workers feel able to talk about their symptoms and request adjustments.

Menopause in the workplace: Guidance for employers | EHRC (

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